Since starting to do photography more professionally, I’ve shied away from weddings. The fact you get ONE chance to capture special moments and document someone’s special day just stressed me out. I KNOW the importance and meaning of that day.

However, last summer, I worked as a second shooter for the first time, and while I still stressed about it, I embraced it as a wonderful learning experience.

I like to think of Sarah as my adopted Nashville little sister. A big part of that being how often I’ve been asked through the years if we are sisters, and how many times I just played along with people that her dad was my dad (when I worked for him in a hot dog stand in Printer’s Alley years ago.) Sometimes its easier to go with things than to correct people… oh the stories I should perhaps pull out to share some day down the road… but not today.


So when she asked me to shoot her wedding, there was no hesitation. No fear. No stress. Just, YES. And I can’t even begin to say how much I love that girl and this couple, and how honored I was to document their day.

It was a hot summer day out in the country. A friend of the couple offered to let them use their property for the wedding, and it was a wonderful decision to do so. It was beautiful!

Even as I get older, and countless friends have gotten married through the years, it still leaves me smiling in complete wonder when I remember knowing someone before they met their spouse… and then makes me smile even more to know how perfectly a couple fits together.

It was a small wedding, surrounded by their closest friends and relatives… giving the wedding a laid back feel, as well as one so full of love all around.

There was also cake, laughter, and a sparkler send off!

Thank you, Sarah and Matt, for letting me be a part of your day… CONGRATULATIONS! 

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