I realize as I sit down here to write, I haven’t posted a blog since September. That’s unheard of for me. As someone who at one time journaled daily, to go two and a half months without writing at all  just sounds absurd.

The fact is… life happens.

I don’t mean that negatively. On the contrary, its a beautiful thing. I’ve been BUSY, and I had to set this afternoon aside to do a little blogging… lest it be another month before I write again!

I’m not even sure where to begin. Part of me feels like I should recap all that’s occurred since I last wrote. Trip to Oregon. Lots of photoshoots. Thanksgiving. Football. Work. Touring. So. Much. Has. Happened.

So. Suffice to say: all that happened. And I’m moving on, because to go back would take far longer than my laptop battery could possibly handle. And I didn’t pack my cord.


My husband is on an extended tour right now, so I’ve been “flying solo” for over a week. Its not unusual for me to turn into a total hermit when he’s on a long tour. I’ll not leave my house for days on end, hiding from to world and living in my own world.

This time? I’m getting out. So far I’ve literally only had one day that I stayed home all day. I’ve either run errands or made plans with friends. I’ve done photoshoots and I’ve picked up shifts at the brewery. Sunday night I went to a Christmas Concert and felt closer to God than I have in a long time.

The fact is I’ve forced myself to continue to let Life Happen. I’ve continued to be a part of LIFE.

My original reasoning for all of this was that it makes the time pass faster, so I’m not so focused on my husband being gone. But in reality its shown me my own strength, independence, and bravery. Its been my personal gift to myself: experiences. And its, frankly, been a priceless gift.

LIVE. Let LIFE HAPPEN. The good. The bad. The scary. The joyful. Be part of it all and realize its a beautiful thing. I’m sure enjoying the discovery.

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