My husband came home today after being on the road for over a month. And he came home to a wife who has had the Christmas Spirit better than she has in years. (Uhm. That would be me, for anyone not following along.)

When my husband was offered the tour back in October, I said he should do it so fast I think he was alarmed. However, that tour is what allowed us a trip to Oregon in November (knowing we would have income coming in), and it also allowed us to catch a financial break going into the holidays. So my logical side was doing backflips, and my emotional side was just living in the moment, oblivious.

However, as the days ticked down to his leaving, I found myself faced with over 30 days alone — something that hasn’t happened in years, or quite possibly ever. (We’ve been married long enough that it’s all foggy at this point.) And one thing you should know is that traditionally, my husband going on the road has equaled me becoming a total hermit, not even leaving the house for days.

But it was Christmas. A time of year for socializing and parties and traditions and pretty lights. I felt myself growing disappointed, and maybe not so excited about this tour after all.

My husband left before Thanksgiving, and I started out with a list of things I’d finally get done. Like a big family photo project I’ve had on the back burner for over a year.

Did I get it done?


Because I also set myself the goal of not sitting at home, knowing that would just make the days crawl by as I waited for my husband to come home. Before I knew it, I had filled my dance card to the point I was having to decline or just not schedule potential things. (Heck I had to bow out of a party last Sunday because I was exhausted and had a pounding headache from just going non-stop!) But I found myself in a whole new way: as someone who doesn’t have to be a hermit because her husband as on the road, and someone who can do a lot more than she thought she could…

…and I found the Christmas Spirit. I went to church every weekend to really delve into Advent better than I have since, well, I was a kid? I made time to reconnect with friends I’ve not spent much time with all year. And I worked on/at my own jobs. Every chance I got to do anything even remotely “Christmasy,” I took it.

As a result, the time flew by quickly and I found myself walking into the house dancing and singing Christmas carols several times… and scaring the cats with how out of tune I was. I had found Christmas, and I loved it! Then today, I picked up my husband, brought him home, and all became right in my world for the moment.

I am so thankful.

As we go into Christmas weekend, my wish for everyone is to find the Christmas Spirit. To find joy in the season and a peace in your heart. And for safe travels for all those going to visit family and friend. This is my wish, hope and prayer for everyone.

Merry Christmas!!


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  1. Linda Schoppe

    December 25, 2017 at 3:06 am

    Love your spirit! Merry Christmas!

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