I have my mother’s hands. I don’t know if anyone else has ever noticed this, but I do. When I look down at my hands, I see my mom’s. And I happen to love that fact.

I do not have my mother’s memory. Mom has a memory that amazes me. We half joke about it, but its because we admire it. I get an internal chuckle when she tells me something I said, and I go, “I don’t remember that, but I totally believe you.” Because she would know. I wish I had her ability to remember things.

I have my mother’s need to get emotions out. Sometimes in the form of tears. It frustrates my husband sometimes, because he hates to see me cry. I tell him to let me be. I need to get the emotions out. It’s not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of self-care. I got that from my mom.

I’m taller than my mom. And there are a lot of things I’ve gotten to do in my life that she hasn’t done. And that’s okay. She gave me the tools to explore life and this world. To perhaps be cliche, she gave me roots and wings. She taught me more than she knows. From something as mundane as doing laundry to something as important as getting up and getting the job done when maybe I want to just go back to bed. She (and Dad) gave me such a strong base from which to grow… and for that I am eternally thankful.

She gave me strength. She introduced me to having faith. (I tell her I think Moms have a direct line to God’s ear, so every time she prays it gets heard a bit clearer.) She taught me manners, and instilled in me my value system. She gave me knowledge, and an ear to listen when I needed to work through things myself.

She still does these things.

We talk every night. Sometimes its short — neither of us having much to talk about. Sometimes its a marathon conversation where we (admittedly) gossip and reminisce. We vent to each other, and we laugh together. She’s my best friend. She’s my mom. And I would be horribly, horribly lost without her.

So on this day, I take pause and honor her and all the Moms.

I have so many amazing women in my life — from women who are grandmothers and great-grandmothers… to woman who are celebrating their first Mother’s Day… to women who are “extra-Moms” (step Moms, aunts, teachers, etc.)… to women who sit today with empty arms waiting to someday be reunited with their child. You are all strong. You are all amazing. You are all the women who make this world better. You are on the front line of our future. You deserve to be appreciated and honored EVERY day. THANK YOU for all you do. HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY!!


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