I did something last week I never really thought I’d do: I became an ambassador for a company.

A friend had been selling Stella & Dot* for about a year, and I’d quickly become absolutely enamored with the product and everything I was seeing through her about the company. I found myself wanting to promote S&D, and when I got a compliment on my jewelry I felt this rush of excitement to tell people about all their products. I was becoming passionate about it.

If there is one thing you should know about me, when I devote any of my time to any thing, I usually go full bore into it. Sometimes time and money will impact my abilities, as they have done to me with my photography through the years. But jobs, organizations, projects? It becomes part of me, and I learn from every experience.

Let’s be totally real here. I am far from being the most stylish girl at the party. In many ways, my husband knows more and is a far bigger stickler of “style rules” that I ever have been or ever will be. So for me to even remotely think I could tell a single soul anything about style is laughable.

But THAT is what I love so much about Stella & Dot. It can be whatever YOU make of it, and its always going to make you feel like the best version of you. It has something for everyone.

In this world of Zoom meetings and staying close to come, its super easy to become lax in our personal style. And you know what I have found when I give in to the urge to just lounge in pajamas all day? I am less than half as productive as I am when I actually change clothes (even if its just into yoga pants and a fresh tank top), put my jewlery on, trade my glasses for contact lenses, and throw my hair in a pony tail. I might even put a little mascara on to impress my cats.

But I’ve believed for a long time, that the inside and outside of our bodies impact each other. When you give effort to the outside (even just the tiniest bit!) your mood and focus will be better. When you choose to eat fresh food versus the same ol’ fast food (and don’t be me wrong, I LOVE my junk food) your skin is going to glow more, and you’re just going to feel better.

It also matters who you surround yourself with. I’ve only been an ambassador for a week, and I’ve been too busy to delve very far into it, but I’ve already discovered for myself the most amazing group of women who root for each other to succeed. By joining this company, I’ve instantly found a tribe of love, support and positivity. So even if I don’t get rich working with this company (but, hey, a girl can strive for financial success!) I’m already far richer in the relationships its brought me. In only a week’s time!

So all this being said, I’d love to introduce more women to Stella & Dot. I’d love to help you find those perfect pieces that fit your personality, and help you accent all the things that make you an amazing, strong women. (And men! Let me help you find your wife, girlfriend, mom, daughter, any woman in your life that little something that brings them a whole lot of happy.)

*Note that the S&D link in this blog post will take you to my shop’s site where I do earn a commission on any purchases made.

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