I turn 39 today. Which means I’m staring down the barrel at 40. Frankly, that feels so strange to say, because so I don’t feel that old by a long shot. Yet, I wouldn’t go backwards in age even if I could. Life brings wisdom and experiences… things that are so priceless.

My birthday was full of so much happy, by the way. I got to photograph friend’s family Christmas photos, where I received a hand drawn card and a birthday cake. I picked up two dozen tamales for a taste of back home (Texas). I snagged some birthday gifts for a friend. I cashed in my free Starbucks coffee. I planted my Century Tree. We took down another tree. And I had a delicious salmon dinner made right here at home. Such a full and fabulous day!!

For the last 100 days, I embarked on a photo project of #100happydays. I’d done it once before, in 2014, and I wanted to do it again. Basically, I take at least one photo every day of something that made me happy. And lets be honest, it was TOUGH a few times to do. But on a whole, I loved sharing the happy! What a great way to close out a year of life!

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I didn't expect to work on day 100 of my #100happydays … But then again so much of my life is flying by the seat of my pants. So perhaps my last day as a 38 year old going completely different from anticipated is only right. Perfect if you will. ? Over the last 100 days, finding a happy post hasn't always been easy. But I've always found one, and I've stuck to this project… Coming out of it ready for 39 and with an optimistic attitude. . . Thanks for following along with me! While this project is ending… I'm kicking off a Project 365 to document this year going into 40. That'll be over on Flickr if anyone cares to follow along. Link will be up on my blog tomorrow evening (11/10), which is linked in my profile. ?

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There’s a part of me that has a little relief to see this project come to a close. There’s another part of me that’s going to really miss documenting the days. I’ve done a Project 365 a few times. (Six times to be specific.) And I think documenting this next year might be a good time to pick it up again. So that’s a goal for this next trip around the sun.

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I wrote out a few more goals for this next year as I head towards 40:

  • Communicate better. Look, if there is one thing my husband and I will tell everyone that the key to our marriage is the ability to communicate with one another. You HAVE to communicate if you want your relationship to survive with one being gone as much as my husband is… but that holds true for every relationship. You can’t hold anything back. We’re terrible at surprising each other, because we can’t keep a secret. BUT outside of my marriage, I could use some work. It’s all too easy to avoid someone or something if there’s any sort of conflict, and then it festers into being way worse than if you just dealt with it from the get-go. I need to work on that. Primarily in my professional life.
  • Procrastinate less. Pretty much just a repeat of the previous point. Most of my communication issues stems straight from procrastination. “Oh I’ll return that text later today.” and then later today becomes a week later and then suddenly its awkward. And an issue. Especially if its business-related.
  • Worry less. I’m just going to sit here while everyone reading this laughs. Because lets face it. This one ain’t happening. But I can still write it down as a goal and try.
  • Turn dreaming into doing. I feel like the last year has been quietly, slowly building up a foundation to finally do this. I think a lot of people feel like some of my dreams and goals have just fallen by the wayside and aren’t happening any more. They are. They just don’t go on anyone else’s timeline. In some ways, not even my own. Tell God your plans if you want him to laugh, after all.

So there it is. I’ve written it all down. Time to make it happen. So here’s to 39 and the adventures the next year brings!

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  1. Kim

    November 10, 2019 at 10:58 pm

    I’m so glad it was a great day and we got to share a little bit of it with you! ❤️ happy birthday!!!

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