This is going to sound weird, perhaps. But for WEEKS I’ve been itching to clean my house. Frankly, we’ve just been too busy. Doing what, I’m not even sure. Busy being busy, I suppose. But every day I’d look around and think, “Man I’m ready to clean.” And ever day we’d hit the end of the day and I’d go, “Well there’s always tomorrow or next week.’

I finally got my chance this week to start the process. I suppose you can call it Spring Cleaning. I have a LONG way to go, but just one day of good cleaning already helped reset my mind.

See, a funny thing happens when I clean. Other things happen. Many, many times in my life I’d be cleaning out a closet when something big happened for me professionally. It’s like getting rid of the old — LITERALLY getting rid of the old — opened up room in my life for the new.

Right now, though, I feel like cleaning is opening up my mind and my emotions back towards the more positive. After spending a day this week mopping floors, vacuuming, washing curtains, etc. I felt this invisible weight lifting that I didn’t even know was there! I just felt lighter, and sitting down on the couch at the end of the day felt more satisfying.

I still have a long way to go. I didn’t even touch the upstairs rooms at all, and my next big project downstairs is THE PURGE of my closet. Time to clean out old clothes, and let go of things I’m holding on to… why? I need room to breathe.

My husband jokingly calls me (us) hoarders. We aren’t THAT bad, but we are also those people who will have something and think, “I will need this some day down the road. I better hold on to it.” Or if someone has something they’re giving away that might be handy, we take it off their hands. We are BOTH guilty of this. I’m admittedly worse than he is, but he does it, too!

Time to let go. That thing I might need five years from now to do one little project? I’ll figure it out then, when (IF!) that time comes.

Last month I wrote about feeling like my husband and I are in our “waiting place.” I suppose this month I’ve decided to tidy up that place. Who knows, in doing so maybe it’ll be like so many times in the past… the next big thing will present itself. If it does, I know I’ll be in a better place to embrace it. If it doesn’t, I’ll still be in a better place.

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