I try really hard not to live too much in the future, worrying about what’s next and not appreciating today. But my September calendar needs to go away already. 

It was just full.

Don’t get me wrong. It was a good month! It was perhaps the most steady month I’ve had in awhile. Worked a lot. My husband was on the road for all but a couple days. It was a lucrative month; let’s just say that.

But looking at the calendar just leaves me overwhelmed after the fact. So as soon as I knew I could, I updated my calendar to October to see a nice, fresh, clean month. 

Just in time for half of it to fill up with my husband’s schedule. 

October is, traditionally, a month where I have to buckle my seat belt and hold on with both hands. It’s going to go by fast. It’s going to be crazy. It’s going to be over before I realize it began. 

Ready for the colors of Fall

But looking out over the next month, I don’t feel overwhelmed. I don’t feel like, “Oh crap, how am I going to get through this one?” Instead, I feel very motivated. I feel excited. I feel positive.

I’ve been letting a few things slide a little too much lately. My Project 365 has been suffering, as I rely on quick cell phone photos I can “make prettier” in post processing. I’ve hardly done any sort of writing. My house is in serious need of some TLC. And so is my own body.

I’m giving myself a personal challenge to work out — be it yoga, a walk around the block, hitting the treadmill, whatever — every single day of October. I definitely noticed on some recent days off, where I felt I had earned a day on the couch watching TV, that on those days I had aches and pains I don’t usually have. I’m more active just in bartending than I am any other time, but I need to step it up.

Maybe in writing this, I’ll be more apt to DO IT.

Every day is an opportunity to start new. Every sunrise a fresh start. But sometimes you need that mental jumpstart of a new month (or sometimes a new year) to motivate yourself to make some changes.

September was a great month, really, but I’m glad to see it pass. I worked hard. I did a lot of prioritizing of responsibilities, and in the end of it I find myself right here. Looking over that reprioritization, getting ready to jump into a new month. 

Bring it on. Let’s do this.

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