Happy Thanksgiving!!

I thought about making a long Facebook status update, but I realized it probably made more sense to take it to ye ol’ blog. 

My husband and I did Thanksgiving with my family when we traveled to Texas a little over a week ago, leaving our schedule wide open today. For once, neither of us had to work, nor did we have anywhere we had to be. We considered trying to see if any friends were having a Friendsgiving gathering that we could crash, but I think we had a unspoken preference to just spend the day at home alone.

We’ve both worked so much this year, time together has been scarce… especially time just us. We have through the years had a habit of packing our schedules with either work or socializing. We can be terrible at purposely carving out couple-time. But we’ve actually several times this week done just that… and it’s been wonderful.

We are extremely blessed with amazing family and friends. We have great jobs (with awesome co-workers who have also become good friends) that keep us busy and afford us the roof over our heads, food on the table, and vehicles in the driveway. We are both healthy and CAN work… something neither of us take for granted. And we have a strong marriage, and we are thankful for one another. 

Our blessings are countless, and… yes… I am sure we take them for granted more often than we should. We do get wrapped up in the every day grind and “keeping up with the rat race.” Paying the bills takes priority over taking time to be thankful for all we have. 

So to take today and slow down… to watch some football on the couch with the cats and a cup a coffee… to put up the outside Christmas lights… to warm up leftovers brought back to Tennessee from Texas and remember that family gathering…. it was a perfect Thanksgiving for us. 

I hope you had your perfect Thanksgiving… or at least as perfect as circumstances allowed it to be. 

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